AMERICAS. Arterra Wines Canada will be showcasing its signature Inniskillin Icewine and Jackson Triggs brands at the Summit of the Americas — A Virtual Experience, set for 5-9 April. The company also aims to use the Summit as a platform to highlight Canada as a “high quality wine region.”



“Arterra Wines Canada is pleased to make our inaugural appearance at the Summit of the Americas – A Virtual Experience,” said Arterra Wines Canada International & Global Travel Retail Strategic Account Manager Beth Campbell. “We are Canada’s number one wine company with several leading and unique brands.”

“Most people would have heard of our iconic Inniskillin Icewine but what is most exciting is the emergence of Canada as a high quality wine region. Our focus is to re-acquaint and introduce who we are as a company and showcase our wines that are sold around the world.”

Arterra Wines Canada aims to highlight Canada as a high-quality wine region and showcase its signature Inniskillin Icewine and Jackson Triggs brands at the Summit of the Americas

Arterra Wines Canada is leveraging the growing popularity of cool climate wines and will be highlighting its portfolio of leading Canadian brands at the Summit. According to Campbell, each wine in the Arterra portfolio has a unique story to tell. She said: “As the appetite for interesting cool climate wines grows internationally, we see opportunities for our brands to be enjoyed by new and experienced wine lovers in this dynamic market.

“We will showcase our iconic Canadian wine brands such as Inniskillin Icewine and we will also feature our other owned leading wine brands such as Jackson-Triggs, which is the number one selling wine brand in Canada. Each of our wineries from Niagara and Prince Edward County in Ontario to the Okanagan in British Columbia, tell their own uniquely Canadian story and we look forward to sharing these stories during this show.”

Inniskillin Icewine is highly awarded and Internationally recognised

Arterra Wines Canada will be highlighting its Inniskillin Icewine which is harvested in the winter from grapes naturally frozen on the vine

Arterra Wines Canada seeks to showcase cool climate wines at the Summit

While Arterra Wines Canada has a strong travel retail footprint in North America and Asia Pacific, it sees plenty of further expansion opportunities in the Americas region. Campbell says, “We have a good footprint in North America and Asia, and we are looking to expand our distribution in the Americas (North, South, Central) and the Caribbean.

“For many people — after being pent up for a year — they are looking to expand their horizons and discover new things,” she adds. “That is something that our Canadian wine portfolio can do, people can experience a taste of Canada in their glass.”

Campbell also highlights the unique gifting appeal of the Arterra Wines Canada portfolio in travel retail. The company — exhibiting for the first time at the Summit — is looking forward to building new partnerships to expand its presence in the region.

She says, “Our Canadian wine portfolio showcases various styles and tastes of Canadian wine country. Travellers have gifted our wines as souvenirs  and have enjoyed our wines as a gift to themselves. We are interested in meeting with duty free operators, importers and distributors and are excited to introduce you to the next favourite wine in your market.”

Jackson Triggs is Canada’s leading local wine brand. It is also Canada’s most-awarded winery.